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Marriage is the most auspicious event of one's life where not only two people tie a knot, but also two families connect with each other in this pious relation. While searching for bride or groom, we offer a considerable amount of time& energy to manage it in that particular duration by minimizing the chances of rejection with an absolute filter which will help you to find a better partner. ShubhLagans is a collaboration of ‘online matrimony’ and ‘marriage bureau’ where we have a better-involved team of dedicated Relationship Managers (RM) who will help you to take a thoughtful decision of marriage with the involvement of you, and your family and your loved one that too under the command & able guidance of Director who is qualified & Retired Banker from PSU bank with long & successful experience in this trade also.


How ShubhLagans Work?

ShubhaLagans has an impressive online presence and the coordinating offline existence with the dedicated & experienced team to assist you throughout the process with frequent updates from time to time. We are an amalgamation of the real and virtual world where people can walk in to register or else can open the online portal for registration to find the perfect matches of choices for them or their siblings is a profound matrimonial site with a huge database of verified profiles of brides and grooms. Registered members can gain easy access to the vast number of options and with the personalized assistance of Relationship Manager suitable match is searched as per preferences and requirements. At ShubhLagans searching happens as per the perspective of a bride and groom through the known channel, therefore, your privacy is maintained throughout the process till maturity and even after that.

Shubhlagans Has “Easy To Do” Working Process That Follows Simple Steps As Below:

1.Profile Registration

Online Registration:

For Registration, you will have to fill in some material and mandatory details about yourself i.e. Birth details, Education details, Profession details, Family details, requirements, etc. which follow the verification through a phone call from our assigned Relationship Manager to confirm the correctness of the details. However, the details can be changed under certain circumstances from time to time wherever necessary except some details i.e. Birth particulars, marital status, etc. which are mandatory.

After the confirmation about the correctness of the details of profile, each case will be allotted to the RM (Relationship Manager) who will further be responsible to find the suitable match as per the requirements of the client and will coordinate the process till maturity.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced Relationship Managers who gather the essential details and give a personal visit wherever required accomplishing the matchmaking process in a very transparent, effective and efficient manner.

Build an online face of your profile: –

Registration is the way to make your online profile stronger with the original data provided by you or the concerning person. The provided data will be considered as a base to find the perfect match for the aspirant and in this process sometimes we take the pictures and videos of your family, house, working place etc. to make your profile more impressive and strong, on the other hand, we use this detail in the video form to portray your profile in front of clients. Without any doubt this is completely aspirant’s decision to make their profile ‘public’ or ‘private’ and accordingly our Relationship Manager will work to find the matches with respect of their choices (Publishing the basic detail will help to boost your profile search and can help to find the suitable matches easily and efficiently.)

Offline Registration: –

Registration can be done through a personal visit or telephone call, Whatsapp, email or through the visit at our office located at different places in India. On behalf of the aspirant, friends and family members can do register with genuine information which is followed by the verification

2.Profile Verification

Transparency, truthfulness and Loyalty are the pillars of an institution called marriage and ShubhLagans stick to these parameters throughout the process. Profile verification is a step to check the aspirant’s genuineness to maintain the transparency and this verification is done through various modes i.e. telephonic call, video call to reconfirm the correctness of the provided bio-data and at any crucial point, our team member visits the client's place, family, etc. as part of verification to check the authenticity and correctness of details provided.

3.Personal Visit

Personal Visit for better understanding of Profile & Requirement: –

Personal visit to aspirant or their loved one can be undertaken for the detailed understanding of ShubhLagans’s marriage process along with the cost division for the same. On this counter, our Relationship Manager keeps transparency for each and every client and make sure that the process should be convenient for the client to follow as well as the charges should be affordable to them. Personal visits are conducted depending on the willingness of the client and according to our need. Our coordinating Relationship Manager will conduct the personal visit at the convenient place (Home/Office/OtherPlace) and time for a better understanding of the process, the suggested profile and the profile requirements in detail

Fix-up charges: –

Our service charges are subject to negotiation with the client which follows the detailing of each step and cost involved for the execution of the same. Our charges include registration fees, meeting charges, maturity fees, etc. and the process follow up of the profile through SMS and Email will be taken by our Relationship Manager and executive team to keep you updated about the current status of your profile from time to time


Matchmaking is a core process of ShubhLagans and we sincerely work hard to find the Perfect matches that too from our verified & registered profiles. We Use both technologies and manual process to find suitable matches.

Matchmaking: – Through “Relationship manager”

Shubhlagans dedicated team member work to discover suitable matches as per the requirements of the clients. In this digital era, with the online solutions, we are providing manual efforts to make it easy and comfortable for everyone. Our Relationship Manager (RM) views your requirements and designs the searching strategy accordingly. For the individual profile , we have defined plan and strategy to find a match with the requisition of the factors like family status, age, education, income, preferences, etc

Matchmaking: - Through “Technology”

Shublagans is a specially designed matrimonial website, highlighting the perspective of Indian brides and grooms who are looking for their soul mates. Our Software and Algorithms are designed based on “Two-way match making” Process where requirements of both the candidates are considered while searching matches and finding suitability and compatibility accordingly. 

Find the prospective bride and groom – and let them find you! –

After registration, you can roam through the listed profile and can connect with them with the help of our Relationship Manager or else, our team will suggest you matches as per your suitability and compatibility out of which you can shortlist and select the suitable one.

Proactively reach your matches: –

The interested candidate can shortlist their matches and approach us through designated Relationship Manager.  Your shortlisted profile will firstly be verified by our team and then a meeting will be arranged in the presence of ShubhLagan’s assigned Representative. Alternatively , designated RM would find a suitable match for you or your loved one from our registered database and will share the details with both the parties concerned and if we receive a positive response from both sides, then a joint meeting at a mutually accepted venue, date and time will be arranged.

Make Connection that matters: –

Shortlisted preferences make connections whichreally matters for, as it will take a chain of processes to find the one genuine profile and in that background, it takes a lot many efforts.

5.Role of Relationship Manager (RM)

Relationship Manager is a guide for the aspirant throughout this journey of matchmaking by Shubhlagans, from matches search to meetings and from meetings to marriage; everything is managed and facilitated by our Relationship Managers under the able guidance of our Management. Our Relationship Managers work efficiently & sincerely to sort the perfect matches from the abundance of the verified profile/ database available at our desk.

6.Meeting (After profile matching)

After registration, Concerned Relationship Manager will shortlist the suitable profiles for the candidates and with the consent of both the clients, they will arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient place, time & venue. The meeting will be conducted in the presence of an assigned representative to keep harmony during the meeting.

7.Profile Maturity

After the meeting your friend from shubhlagans will communicate with both the parties to check the level of interest and connectivity. If both the candidate& their families tender their consent then the profile is shifted to the matured category and is upgraded for the next steps called Roka/Sagan/Marriage stage-wise with the consent of both the parties concerned.

8.Redo the process for the perfect matchmaking

After meeting if the aspirants or their families don’t tender their consent,ShubhLagans team may restart the process of match-making even more efficiently.

9.Our Services

Kundli Milan: –

Astrological assistance for star matching is provided by us with the help of trending technological solutions besides that you can match the kundli at personal level as well. We are using the best technology (software) assistance provided by the third party for those who wish to match their stars with quick processing data system perhaps you can do it through an astrologer of your choice.

 Kundli Milan is optional and those who don’t want to consider this factor , our Relationship Manager will advise to skip it and the next part of the matchmaking will proceed accordingly. 

Marriage Registration Certificate: –

Marriage Registration is conducted after the marriage process and if desired this service of ShubhLagans is open for all. Those who get married through ShubhLagan and those who are not or are already married and could not have a marriage registration certificate can also avail this service from to be given fill the details Click Here

Avail these services with simple registration and get the quick scope of the concept on your approach!

Why ShubhLagans?

Our mantra is “Success Is a Reflection of Transparent Work Process” and we replicate it through our services on every front and at all levels. We work to deliver the world-class profiles to our clients, and the matches found by us are verified and known which will help you to build the trust. Our expert team of Relationship Manager will assist everyone with a high-speed Technology approach for Kundli Milan (Star matching which you can verify at a personal level as well) with technological assistance and for other marriage relevant processes as well. The privacy is the core of ShubhLagans and for that, we have open ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ profile option through which we publish the information with the aspirant’s due permission only (Publishing basic detail will help to increase the profile reach and the information is viewed by the registered people only). ShubhLagan considers marriage as a mesmerising moment in life and to celebrate it, we give our heart and make you smile.

Find the one that fits with your terms of making a partner and tell your inspiring story to aspirant out there!