Role of Relationship Manager (RM)

Relationship Manager is a guide for the aspirant throughout the ShubhLagan’s journey of matchmaking. From matches search to meetings and from meetings to marriage, everything is managed and facilitated by our Relationship Managers. Our Relationship Managers work efficiently & sincerely to sort the perfect matches from the abundance of verified profile/ database at ours.

1.      Meeting (After profile matching)

After registration our Relationship Manager shortlist  suitable profiles for the candidates and with the consent of both the clients, they will arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient place and time& Venue. The meeting will be conducted in the presence of  assigned Relationship Manager or representative to keep the harmony while meeting. 

2.      Profile Maturity

After holding the meeting our Relationship Manager communicates both the parties to check the level of interest and connectivity. If both the candidate agree then the profile are shifted to the matured category and upgraded for the next steps called Roka/Sagan/Marriagestage wise.

3.      Redo the process for the perfect matchmaking

After meeting if the aspirants and their families don’t tender their consent for each other, they can share their opinion to Relationship Manager without any hesitation so that ShubhLagans team may restart the process of match making more efficiently.