Matchmaking is a core process of ShubhLagans and we sincerely work hard to find the perfect matches from our known profiles. We use both the Technology and human power to find the suitable matches.

Matchmaking –Through “Relationship manager”

We have a dedicated team of Relationship Managers which works to discover the suitable matches as per the requirements of the clients. In this digital era, with the manual efforts, we are providing online solutions to make the process hassle-free. Our Relationship Managers view your requirements and design their searching strategy accordingly.For each individual profile we have dedicated Relationship Manager with a defined plan and strategy to find a match with the requisition of the factors like family status, age, education, income, preferences, etc.

Matchmaking- Through “Technology”

Shublagans is a specially designed matrimonial website, highlighting the perspective of Indian brides and grooms who are looking for their soul mates. Our Software and Algo. is designed based on “Two way Match making” Process where requirements of both the candidates are considered while searching matches and finding compatibility accordingly.

Find the prospective bride and groom – and let them find you! –

After registration, you can roam through the listed profile and can connect with them with the help of our Relationship Manager or else, our team will suggest you some matches as per your compatibility out of which you can select the suitable one.

Proactively reach your matches –

The interested candidate can find their matches and approach us through our Relationship Manager. Your shortlisted profile will firstly be verified by our team and then a meeting will be arranged in the presence of ShubhLagan’s assigned Relationship manager.

Your designated Relationship Manager finds the suitable match for you or your loved one from our registered database and share the details with both the parties and if we receives a positive response from the other side, then a joint meeting at a mutually accepted venue, date and time will be arranged.

Make Connection that matters –

Shortlisted preferences make connections that really matters for as it will take a chain of processes to find the one genuine profile and in that background, it takes a lot many efforts.